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Medicated Mosquito Net



AMIT BIOTECH strongly recommends the use of medicated mosquito nets wherever mosquitoes and other biting insects spread diseases such as malaria, dengue. The health benefits are greatest among young children, pregnant women and other people (such as visitors) who have little immunity to the disease.

New studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that medicated mosquito nets can reduce childhood mortality by as much as one-third in malaria-ridden parts.

What are the advantages of a medicated net?

In reality, most nets are not used properly,

· Nets may be torn.

· Nets may be too small to tucked in so that mosquitoes can enter under the net to feed.

· People may roll and sleep against the side of the net.

Medicated nets provide protection under such situations and even against the very small insects such as sand flies that can penetrate most nets.

Active ingredient acts at several levels repelling the insect from the treated surface or acting as an antifeedant. The overall effect is very significant added protection.

Not all mosquitoes spread malaria. Malaria is spread by a particular variety of mosquito known as the Anopheles mosquito, which prefers to feed at night while people are sleeping.

A mosquito looking for blood will be attracted towards a person but will then come into contact with the medicated net. Mosquitoes are repelled by their contact with the net. The repellent effect of the insecticide means that other people sleeping in the same room – though not using the net – will also benefit. It is similar to spraying the room every night.